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With RAUVISIO mineral, ideas become reality – exactly as the designer planned and tailored to the customer’s demands.This is not only thanks to a comprehensive decorative design palette, but also a huge range of panels, basins and sinks in a multitude of dimensions. Of course,RAUVISIO mineral is also easy to combine with various materials such as wood,stone or glass – for an interior design approach that sets new standards.

RAUVISIO mineral is a solid, through-coloured mineral material that is made from one third acrylic resin and two thirds aluminium hydroxide with colour pigments. The positive properties of the individual components combine to create a versatile material with an appearance similar to stone, a warm, pleasing surface feel and excellent processing characteristics.

The solid surface material RAUVISIO mineral has a variety of uses in kitchens and bathrooms, in offices and in public areas, in catering and in hotels, in laboratories and in the area of medicine.


  • Invisible joints The matching adhesive for every decorative design
  • 6 mm, free-standing material, classified according to EN 13501-1 as per VStättV (regulation on places of assembly)
  • Renovations are at least 3 times faster when using RAUVISIO composite boards,compared to other products
  • 20% material saving thanks to optimised formats – for easy cutting
  • 69 solid colours and decorative designs,42 of which can be ordered ex stock
  • Resistant to common household acids and lyes
  • Short delivery times – for stocked designs from one panel
  • New: No tension thanks to tempering
  • Can be back-lit, easy to shape and with guaranteed ...thanks to 3 mm thickness

Why Choose White Object

    The mineral material RAUVISIO mineral has a multitude of applications: whether in kitchens, bathrooms,offices, public spaces, gastronomy, hotels, laboratories or medical facilities. With RAUVISIO mineral,you can create any shape your heart desires without difficulty – no matter how unusual it may be.
    Wall and bathroom elements made of RAUVISIO mineral
    The RAUVISIO bathroom range allows you to expand your selection of interior design products and gain added value. RAUVISIO mineral is perfectly suited to all aspects of interior design and can be used without restrictions in damp and wet rooms thanks to the bond with the waterproof substrate. The complete system can be used for a wide range of applications, for example in shower walls and trays, wall cladding, washbasins and work surfaces.
    Panel elements made of RAUVISIO mineral
    By combining the waterproof REHAU substrate with XPS technology with the non-porous mineral material, the RAUVISIO system is ideal for work surfaces and furnishings in wet and damp rooms, as well as in countries with higher humidity.

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