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WHITE OBJECT joins hands with German profile makers. We provide energy efficient, high quality, technologically superior, very low maintenance uPVC window systems in Rajasthan that will change the very way you think of windows.

WHITE OBJECT represents nearly three decades of customers trust and reflects our constant endaveaour to meet and exceed customers’ expectation in building solutions in Rajasthan. Starting in 1991, RM Engineering works has excelled in providing aluminum fenestration solutions to projects all over Rajasthan such as Vidhan Sabha, Nirman Bhawan and Durlabbhjee Hospital to name a few. Also was pioneer in manufacturing aluminum ladders supplying as OE to firms like LNT ERICSSON etc.

Extensive research in products specification and suitability to meet the high demands of the extreme weather conditions in Rajasthan lead us to choose Our as our supply partner for windows and doors systems. Our is justly considered to be the industry leader in uPVC profiles with their first window profile being produced in 1958.White Object, in partnership with Our, bring the latest technology and provide products and services previously not available elsewhere in Rajasthan.

In continuation with our core philosophy of bringing innovation solutions to the market, we are pleased to present White Object uPVC window/door solutions. Since starting from 2009 our focus remains on quality systems backed by our well equipped plant, trained and experienced manpower to provide you with the highest level of quality and services.

All our products are manufactured in compliance with the Our standards and also meet EU legislation requirements.

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We are leading uPVC window manufacturers. Its unique solutions Comprise specially engineered designs that combine form with function better than anything you've ever seen. So every Our system is as stylish as it is ingenious and as attractive as it is durable. For both practical and aesthetic reasons, Our assures you of windows that work beautifully, taking care of a major factor in the success of any building projects.
White Object offers an advanced range of windows styles that can be mixed and matched for new buildings and replacement applications. All styles from inward-to-outward opening, sliding windows and doors and all combination out of that can be constructed with Our window systems. Whether it is a folding door or a French door, a tilt and turn or an arched window you are looking for: with Our WHITE OBJECT windows, the possibilities are virtually unlimited.
White Object windows represent the latest technological advances in windows and door designs.
With nearly 60 years of expertise in product research and development Our is renowned for its innovation and advanced engineered designs. White Object is proud to bring in Our's extensive range that meets the requirements of renovation and new construction applications in residential, industrial and commercial buildings.
White Object

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Once home, you want to leave the outside world with its chaos and clamor where it belongs – outside! White Object windows and doors are perfectly designed to reduce sound transmission. The dual compression gaskets assure the tightness of the windows and doors.


There is more! Thanks to the dual compression gaskets and an 8-10mm overlap between frame and sash, White Object windows and doors prevent rainwater from infiltrating your home. Your home stays absolutely dry however heavily it might be raining outside.


What keeps out the dust? The sealing in White Object windows and doors is calibrated to achieve excellent air tightness. This effectively stops dust drifting in from the outside, which drastically reduces the time you’ll need to spend on cleaning your home.


Our window systems’ design and formulation, coupled with multi-point locking hardware, ensure a safe and secure built-up environment.

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