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  • Does Our uPVC discolour?
    As long as the profiles used to fabricate uPVC windows are UV stabilised, the original white colour will not fade. Our windows, installed 20 years ago, are still in perfect condition.
  • What is Our's policy on PVC waste?
    Our has a very strict re-grind process, whereby all waste PVC collected from our fabricators is re-ground. The regrind is used to fabricate a number of other PVC products.
  • How strong are uPVC windows?
    Our's window frames have internal galvanised steel reinforcement. Furthermore, Our uPVC windows all have fusion welded corners, so no mechanical fixing is used. This makes the chance of breakage very low in comparison with those windows using mechanical corner style fixings.
  • Are uPVC windows expensive?
    uPVC windows are initially more expensive than other window systems on the market, but taking into account the energy savings you will enjoy, this small, extra expense is very quickly recouped.
  • What are the advantages of uPVC windows & doors?
    Our uPVC will not rot or corrode, making it ideal for all areas, especially coastal applications. It is virtually maintenance free, requiring no painting or treatment. Most important are the thermal properties related to uPVC windows. Our casement window profiles have a U Value of around 1.4, therefore these are more energy efficient than any other kind of window on the market.
  • I live on a busy main road, can Our windows reduce traffic noise?
    Our window systems are designed for a double glazed unit, and with certain glass configurations, we can achieve Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings of 44. We have installed our system into many buildings, both domestic and commercial, in order to alleviate noise problems, such as road and aircraft noise.
  • The climate can be very harsh. How will this affect uPVC?
    Our's uPVC profiles have been extensively tested for over 20 years. Our product is resistant to ultra violet rays and is specially formulated to suit the climate.Our uPVC profiles will not become brittle, discolour or flake over a period of time.
  • What colours are available?
    Although Our profiles are standard white in colour, different colours can be achieved by either foiling the profile, or even painting the profile, to achieve the desired effect.
  • Are doors also part of Our's product range?
    Yes, we offer french, residential, in-line sliding and folding, stacking doors.
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