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Open your home to nature and maximise your living space with Our's new Securi Slide Fold Doors and Windows.This new generation multi pane system enables you make the most of home.

The innovative slide and fold technology allows the user to move eacg individual pane of door along the track to create a variety of opening sizes.The panes stack away neatly at the one side of the ddor to create the biggest opening possible.

Unlike the traditional folding doors, the panes od not run on wheels.Once the main panel has been opened, the other panes easily slide along a low-friction track.

The Securi Slide Fold doors & windows can be fitted with either singlr or double glazong for ebhanced thermal and weather performance.

Securi Slide & Fold Doors
Flexible and Easy to Use

You will love the flexibility of the securi slide & fold doors and windows.You can open just the main panel, or fold all tthe partially slide the panes across the opening for ventilations slits.

The fact that all the hardware with the exception of the handle and profile cylibder, are concelled within the frame rebate means the doors and windows look fantastic and are very easy to clean.

Whilst the Securi Slide & Fold panels are moved, they do not take up any space either internally or externally.All panels slide inline with the frame until they reach the opening gate.Now you can place your furniture, plants and ornaments adhacent to the frame,increasing your usable living space.

The seamless simplicity of the design provides homes with improved aesthetics and beautiful lines as there are no unsightly hinges or hardware, just a simple handle on the main door.

When closed, the door interlocks together to create a solid wall with high security.

Advantages of Securi Slide & Fold Doors

  • Solid, high security wall when closed
  • Easy to operate
  • Slide and stack one panel at a time on a low-friction track
  • No unskightly hardware visible
  • Seamless beautiful lines
  • Excellent thermal and weather performance
  • Up to panels, maximum door height 2.4m
  • Enjoy more living space with this space saving window/door
  • Flexible opening options
  • Increased reliability, no wheels
  • Durability
    Perhaps, the most important benefit of uPVC doors and windows is that the material is incredibly heavy-duty and can easily withstand extremes of conditions, even chemicals and corrosion. This rot-free property is especially useful for houses located close to the sea where a high salt content can cause problems. uPVC doors can also resist the sun’s UV rays, thereby preventing fading as a result of extended periods of exposure to the sun.
  • Low-maintenance
    Unlike other natural materials that need to be varnished and repainted at least once every year, doors and windows made from uPVC can easily last for decades before they show any signs of weathering. The only maintenance they generally require is cleaning with soapy water so as to prevent stains or dust particles from settling.
  • Thermal Insulation
    When it comes to the installation of new doors and windows, energy-efficiency is a priority. And the type of material used will play a huge role in determining the warmth and energy rating of a home.
  • No Termite Infestation
    Wood, being a great source of cellulose (the food termites love), is highly susceptible to termite infestation. Moreover, termites thrive in a moist environment; since wood is a porous material, it makes for an incredibly comfortable home for these insects. uPVC doors bring no such problems with them and remain termite-free.
  • Self-extinguishing
    Unlike other materials that can easily catch a fire, uPVC is self-extinguishing. The fire retardant used in the preparation of uPVC makes it a safe material.

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